An engineered wood joist, more commonly known as an I-joist, is a product designed to eliminate problems that occur with conventional wood joists. Invented in 1969, the I-joist is an engineered wood product that has great strength in relation to its size and weight.

The advantage of I-joists is they are less likely to bow, crown, twist, cup, check or split as would a dimensional piece of lumber. I-joists' dimensional soundness and little or no shrinkage help eliminate squeaky floors. The disadvantage is very rapid structural failure when directly exposed to fire, reducing the time available for residents to escape and increasing the danger to firefighters.

Product : I-Joist

When it comes to the foundation of a home, a joist is a strong, horizontal framing member that supports a floor. An I-joist is a structural member created using flanges, panel webs, and adhesives, ultimately forming what looks like the letter "I". I-joists can be used in the construction of roofs and floors.

  • Ease of use with pieces up to 48’ in length and consistently true to size
  • Engineered product that provides peace of mind
  • 11 7/8” 40 series I-Joist and 11 7/8”, 14”, 16”, and 18’ LVL are stock items at Truss Builders LLC
  • For special order items not in stock, most can usually be delivered within 2 business days as we receive shipments frequently
  • Allowable spans exceed conventional framing
  • Green Product – Engineered lumber requires between 40 to 50% less wood fiber than equivalent conventional framing

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